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Is Boot Camp for everyone? - No it is not. Boot camp is an investment into your future and like any investment, one size doesn't fit all.  Boot camp is for those who seriously want to push their memories because their careers or current academics depend upon retaining large amounts of information.  Boot Camp provides a way to "Keep it all straight" in less time.  That requires a commitment and a willingness to change some core beliefs on how to remember. Experience has shown that Boot Camp is not for closed-minded individuals but instead for those who embrace new ideas. 

When is the best time to ATTEND BOOT CAMP?

The best time is NOW!  One of the most common comments made after prior boot camps is ,"Why didn't I attend years ago?"

Does BOOT CAMP cost a lot?

People sometimes scoff when I say the $325 BOOT CAMP tuition is not a cost, it's an investment, but for a dedicated student isn't a better education an investment in their future?  Not only is BOOT CAMP an investment in YOUR FUTURE, it is guaranteed to be the best investment you ever made! 

Summing Up: 

Boot Camp is for career-minded professionals and students who want a smooth running system of techniques to advance their careers into profitable businesses.  If this describes you, Memory Boot Camp will be the best investment you made toward your future.

We guarantee it.

 Go Back to School

   With the advantage of exploding      what your memory is able to do.  

Train Your Brain from the comfort of your home in one weekend. 

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