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A Key to Successful Business Relationships: Remembering Names & Faces

Remember the names & faces of everyone you meet at your next dinner party, network event or conference. Calling someone by name is the cornerstone to creating new relationships.  Sales deals can hinge on the personal connection created by it, which is an acquired skill learned by Successful Business People.


If you work in sales, corporate business, a restaurant, shop, salon, or any business that caters to meeting clients and is dependent upon repeat business, this training is for you. 

There is POWER in using someone’s name.  It connects to their identity, individuality and feeling of importance. It makes them feel valued, respected and connected to you - all ingredients for developing loyal relationships in business & in life.

Memory Expert Dr. Jacqueline Albright will take you by the hand to master your ability to remember the names & faces of everyone you meet.  

Memory Made Easy - Boosting Your Memory for Academic Excellence

You have greatness inside of you - Let it Out! Let it SHINE!

Stop the cycle of learning and forgetting, relearning & forgetting again and learn to Master your Memory.

Do you want to study less & get better grades? Learn foreign languages, facts & dates easily? Recall scripts, quotes and speeches without notes. Prepare for the SATs, GMATs, LSTs and MCATs with proven techniques that will strengthen your long-term retention.  A good memory can be learned and developed.

Memory Trainer Dr. Albright will lead you, step-by-step on the use of Techniques proven to help you learn faster, recall more and retain information longer. The price of this course pays for itself many times over by enhancing your performance leading to long-term successes in business, in school and in life.  A rate of return that is life-long.

Deliver Dynamic Sales Presentations & Speeches Without Notes

Do you want to give a speech without using notes?  Make sales presentations without missing important points?  Remember lines in a play or acting role?  Easily remember poems or scripture verses?


A good memory can be learned and developed. Our brain’s capacity to store information is unlimited but often untapped.  


Tap into the greatness inside of you by learning the secrets of Memory Retention to recall detailed sales presentations, scripts or speeches.  It's an acquired skill learned by successful people in every industry.

A Key to Bigger Tips: Remembering Food & Drink Orders

Bartenders, Maitre Ds, Waiters and Owners - Easily remember the drink preferences & food orders of your customers. 

Assure better tips and customer loyalty by mixing their favorite drink upon entering.  Save time and confusion by quickly remembering who ordered which entree.  

Allow Memory Expert Dr. Jacqueline Albright to enhance your memory abilities to provide better customer service to acquire bigger tips and returning customers. 

7 Steps to Memory Strengthening

Memory loss IS NOT an inevitable part of aging. Your brain is able to produce new brain cells at every age, but just like muscle strength - if you don’t use it you will lose it.

Memory Expert Dr. Jacqueline Albright will lead you through the “ 7 Steps of Memory Strengthening” to help you recall more and retain information longer including habits and activities that will have the biggest impact on your Memory’s Health.  Afterwards you’ll be “In the Know” on how to improve and maintain your long-term retention.

Jacqueline’s lectures are high energy, motivating and will leave you with memory tools you can immediately use and share.

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