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Back to School Memory Tips

Hello my Lovlies ...Think me crazy but I often looked forward to going back to school every September..... to bond with friends, create new ones, add to my learning and take another step up the ladder toward finishing my education and working in the "Real World." For me that was in the medical / health care profession and for some of you it may be accounting, law, finance, economics, math, the sciences, fashion, photography or technology to name a very few.

What they all have in common is a need to learn and process new information .... then regurgitate it back so academia can access how successful you were in remembering it. All this in order to achieve a diploma qualifying you as an expert in your field.

If you think learning stops there, you're greatly mistaken. Some days I longed for the carefree days of being back in school. The point is, there is NEVER a time when you're not helped with Memory Techniques. Once you learn them, they'll be your friend throughout your career, throughout your life.

Below are a few Back to School Memory Tips that will help you work smarter, not harder.

A better Memory leads to better performance, leading to long-term success.

1. Think in Pictures - Convert everything you need to remember into a picture, especially abstract concepts.

2. Create Mental File Cabinets to Store New Information - A mental file cabinet is created by choosing items along a journey through your home or community.

3. Use Action to GLUE what you're remembering into your Mental File Cabinet - connect the pictures created for the NEW information to the objects along your journey that you KNOW WELL.

4. Exaggerate your mental pictures so they "Stand-Out."

5. Review to assure the new information is safely stored for easy retrieval.

Start working on your memory! Join me and other students at Memory Boot Camp to get started. During an intensive 2-day webinar I'll hold your hand and take you through all the steps to kick-start your memory into high-gear. It will pay for itself thousands of times over. Go to for details about our next Boot Camp.

Cheers my Lovlies and good luck in the new school year!

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