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Leaky Bucket Syndrome- How to Remember 90% of the Time

Hello my Lovely readers.

Have you ever considered how well you'll remember the events that occurred today? The people you met, the meetings you took, the classes you attended, what you were told ?

Look at these stats:

Shouldn't we all be shocked by these numbers?

I know I was alarmed to find out that we leak 90% of what we read by the next day or 80% of what we've been told, heard in a meeting or class.

This is called "The Leaky Bucket Syndrome." We take in information and it leaks out, unable to be recalled without prompting or reminding.

So how do you avoid losing 90% of what you've learned? Do what I do. When I hear or read something I don't want to forget or must absolutely remember I write it down and talk with others about it, transferring the information onto the path of Long-Term Memory.

A concept is never just learned. It needs to be discussed, talked about, written and felt. We remember 70% of what we discuss with others and 95% of what we show and instruct others on, indicating that interaction with others is a must to begin plugging up the leaky bucket of your Memory.

There you go my Darlings, Your MEMORY MOMENT.

Don't forget to check out the details of our next Memory Boot Camp to jump start that great memory within you. Cheers my Lovelies! Until next week.

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