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Think In Pictures to Improve Your Memory

Hello My Lovelies who are hard at work strengthening their memories. Not that it's hard... it's easy .... when you know how.

You only need to be persistent and consistent at using memory techniques to improve your overall performance. So, to help you with that - let me reinforce how important it is to Think In Pictures.

The brain has set aside the largest amount of RAM within its neurons - just for pictures. Can you imagine? It's just like your phone. Usually the photos on your phone take up the most GBs.

These pictures include anything you can See with your physical eyes and anything you can Conjure Up & Visualize in your "Mind's Eye" - and your brain can not tell the difference between the two!! It stores them both as "Memory."

The reason why most of us have problems remembering something is because ....

Wait for it...

Keep waiting for it....

Because many things you want to remember are abstract and obscure - meaning they don't bring up immediate pictures you can see in your mind's eye or relate to. It's like to trying to capture the wind. It slips right through your fingers.

Numbers and Names are good examples. A telephone number given to you by a friend isn't the kind of thing most of us can rattle off the top of our heads the next day unless you've been able to convert that number into a picture. Most people complain they "Aren't good at remembering names." What they're not good at is converting that name into a picture they can see and relate to. Many people say they're not good in the sciences. What they have trouble doing is converting the unfamiliar into a familiar picture.

The Exact How is for several future blog posts but start by converting what you want to remember into what you can see. That is the first step toward Super Sizing Your Memory.

Go to for details about our next Boot Camp and to jump start the great memory within you. Cheers my Lovlies! Until next week.

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