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Brain Dehydration and Memory

Hello my Darlings who are working hard at school and in your businesses. It's time for your MEMORY MOMENT to help you work smarter - not harder.

Many of you have told me you work on your MEMORY because it improves how well you think through a problem, execute a task or learn something new more quickly. What you may not know is the effect WATER has on your ability to focus, concentrate, perform and remember.

The brain is made up of 75% water and just like a car battery, if it's low in water it won't turn the engine over.

If your brain is low in water it shrinks in size and works less efficiently.

The CT Scan below compares a normal vs dehydrated brain, demonstrating that shrinkage. A Dehydrated Brain can result in confusion, drowsiness, memory loss and forgetfulness. Not a great way to work smarter.

- and if your on medications that make you urinate more frequently such as diuretics or laxatives or suffer from diabetes, high blood sugar or diarrhea you're at a greater risk of experiencing brain dehydration. That also goes for any activity or sport that makes you sweat.

Countless patients have told me through the years they don't like to drink water. Soda, yes, coffee, yes but water...well that's another story. They either don't remember to drink or don't feel thirsty... but the number one reason is,

Wait for it....

Wait for it....

"They don't like the taste of water."

Really?? I've spent my adult life looking at MRIs and CT Scans. I've seen first hand what dehydration looks like in a scan and the neurological effects on a person. To me water has the taste of HEALTH....and your health is your wealth.

If water maintains your health then drinking water is like putting money in the bank.

Water is not only important but VITAL to your brain's health, especially if you value your memory and it's amazing abilities.

Drink every day to avoid Brain Dehydration

The chart below is a guide to how much water you should drink daily. Using myself as an about 125 pounds the chart recommends I drink 4 bottles of 16.9 ounce waters daily.

How much water does it recommend for you? That value is now your base. If you exercise or exert yourself more than usual, such as go for a long walk, bike, play tennis, golf, skate board or clean out the garage for example then you need to drink more to replenish the water lost by perspiration.

There you go Darlings....Your MEMORY MOMENT.

To Summarize: A strong memory requires Watering.

Don't forget to check out the details about our next Boot Camp to jump start that great memory within you. Cheers my Lovlies! Until next week.

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